Link between ADHD and body clock established

Link between ADHD and body clock established

??A link has now been established between ADHD & timing. Genes that control circadian rhythm do not function properly in ADHD adults, which also may explain why these individual have poor sleep patterns and suffer from depression. Theoretically if they are put back “on time” symptoms would improve. IM (Link to IM-Home) is the only measurable therapeutic device that works on timing in the brain.

To read the full article visit- http://www.irishtimes.com/newspaper/health/2011/1206/1224308615407.html??

For more insight on timing visit The Time Doc’s Brain Clock Blog.

Major League Success with APD

Major League Success with APD

Major league Lacrosse’s Most Valuable player from 2011, Paul Rabil, has a condition called auditory processing disorder or APD. Like many others with a learning disability, Paul doesn’t consider his condition a “disability”. He treats APD as a driver for determination and success.


Smoking makes you fog up your memory!


Smoking makes you fog up your memory!

We have all heard of the dangerous effects to our health from smoking cigarettes, the habit causes different types of cancers, emphysema, gum disease, digestive, nervous, and cardiovascular problems, the list goes on and on. To add to the dangers of smoking is Alzheimer’s disease, since smoking causes narrowing of blood vessels it could contribute to vascular dementia by depriving brain cells of oxygen.

Men more prone to ADHD than Women? Think again!


Men more prone to ADHD than Women? Think again!

While more boys than girls are treated for ADHD, a new report shows that among adults the numbers have flipped, this suggests that a great number of girls are growing up untreated and only during adulthood they finally get treated. According to Dr. L. Adler, director of the Psychiatry and Neurology adult ADHD program at New York University School of Medicine, boys tend to exhibit the “H” for hyperactivity in ADHD more often than girls, so they get diagnosed earlier. Girls on the other hand grow up exhibiting laziness or lack of motivation in school, but by adulthood the attention deficit component of ADHD becomes more prominent and they tend to struggle with jobs, paying bills, and managing daily tasks.

Listen to the sound of Hope! Thanks to Rosie O’Donnell many parents are!


Auditory processing disorder is little known and notorious for being misdiagnosed. The symptoms of ADHD include problems with paying attention, following directions, low academic performance, behavioral problems, and poor reading and vocabulary; which are often misdiagnosed for ADHD or Autism. Read Rosie’s full story on the NY Times.

Many IM providers that are SLPs or Audiologist use IM or IM-Home to help patients process sound more efficiently.

Have you read our CAPD Research by Dr. Joel Etra? The scan C revealed significant gains in dichotic listening from going through IM-training.

The Sound of Music

Do you remember Congresswoman Gabby Giffords? Well in the 10 months since a bullet left her in critical condition and suffering from aphasia—the inability to speak- Mrs. Giffords is now singing thanks to music therapy!

I hope I didn’t brain my damage…

I hope I didn’t brain my damage…

In an article written in Discovery Fitness & Health, it is explained that the brain has the ability to re-generate connections between neurons. Essentially by creating new pathways between healthy areas of the brain and those affected by the injury, the brain learns to operate those affected tasks in other healthy areas; a process called neuroplasticity, which is essentially the ability of the brain to change structurally and functionally. It is in this area that Interactive Metronome®(IM) can help those who have suffered from a brain injury or stroke get back the skills they have lost as a result of their trauma.

IM is an assessment and treatment tool that is based on rhythm and timing. The patient performs a suite of technical movements to a constant beat that are specific to their diagnosis and is overseen by an IM specialist, the program is modified to meet each individual needs for maximum outcomes. These exercises stimulate the brain to make connections to healthy areas so it can improve the ones affected.

Whether it’s a small trauma or a severe injury, the brain has the ability to learn new connections; and while brain damage is scary for most people, there are ways to recover from it.

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Patrick becomes more attentive with IM

Collette is the mother of 10-year-old Patrick, who is diagnosed with Asperger’s and anxiety. Patrick’s attention and focus was a major issue for him at school and after doing IM training at one of our certified clinics he started doing better at school and became more alert. They are now signing up to do IM-Home. Watch the video and listen to the full story….




Giving thanks for all that is on the Spectrum

We are really exited for Thanksgiving this year as you might be also. Aside from the hectic travel that usually accompanies this holiday and the stories about underdone or overdone turkeys, it’s a great family holiday and we at Interactive Metronome® want to give you tips that could prepare you for your thanksgiving dinner...

One of our earliest Success stories with IM-Home

When we at Interactive Metronome announced that we were going to do Beta testing for IM-Home, we had a ton of IM therapists beating down our doors to be a part of it. The call was for IM Providers and they were supposed to pick their own patients for the test, but a mom of a child with PDD heard about our product and inquired about it for her son. I wasn't expecting that a patient would approach us for the testing, but I thought- "why not?" So I set her up with one of our virtual therapists, April Christopherson, OTR/L. The family lived in California and April was based on Colorado, so they never saw each other in-person, but they did use Skype and communicated via e-mail and phone. "James" made some great gains over the testing period and she was excited to share her story with us. This was the first time that we realized a completely virtual model could work. We could not extend our reach and not expect clients to come to the client 3-4 times a week! See the mom tell you her experience below



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