By Interactive Metronome, Bricole Reincke - April 10, 2015

Rosita Dominates the Links with IM

Rosita is a healthy 81 year-old who wanted to use IM-Home® to improve her golf game. Her husband has Parkinson’s disease and uses an IM-Home® unit for maintenance. Rosita is active; she walks regularly, does weight training and plays golf 2 to 3 times per week. Rosita took the pre-LFA and did her first IM-Home® session under Provider supervision. After she was taught how to run the IM-Home® unit, she was given a packet with 14 sessions to complete by herself.

Learning how to manipulate the program was a challenge for Rosita, who has had very limited experience on computers. Having a paper and pencil chart on which to write her scores was important so she could see her improvement. The training sessions were designed very simply to make it as “user-friendly” as possible for her (the duration was the same for each task in the session so that she only had to set it once per session).

Finally, after 19 sessions over a period of two months, Rosita was given the post-LFA and post-IM interview. Even though her post LFA showed only a 19% improvement over the pre-LFA, her functional gains were significant. By session 8, she had started to see an improvement in her golf game, and by the end she was very excited by her improvement.

Based on her pre and post-IM surveys she experienced marked improvement in memory recall, concentration/focus and coping skills. When playing golf, she felt that she was swinging much better due to her improved concentration/focus and she was seeing better distance and placement of her hits. She also believed her putting was improved by 80 or 90%; she even commented, “I couldn’t believe the puts I was sinking!!”

In general, her scores for 18 holes went from 100-105 pre-IM training, down to 92-100 after IM. She was not taking any golf lessons during this time and she placed 2nd in her flight in two tournaments towards the end of her IM training! She considers IM-Home® a total success and plans to keep doing it to keep up her newly improved golf scores!

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