By Interactive Metronome, Bricole Reincke - July 25, 2019

Provider Testimonial: “He’s doing fantastic…It’s amazing”

We love being able to share the success stories provided to us by IM Provider about their clients. Here is one story about a young boy named Emmitt, who has been diagnosed with high-functioning autism; and how with a little IM best practices and the ingenuity of an IM Provider helped him experience things in a new way!

“I just wanted to let you know how FANTASTIC Emmitt is doing. It’s amazing…his scores are in the low 20’s/high teens.

I am now doing things like balance one foot on top of soccer ball, clap 10x and then switch with guide sounds….also threw in when I randomly told him to switch his feet, which is very smooth and easier for him than keeping count.

I have placed both button triggers on and had him cross midline and reach up to hit in time, I have even moved difficulty down to 90!

He always wants guide sounds on now, whether its auditory alone or visual/game. There is no game that’s ‘too overloading’ for him.

His mom is ecstatic with joy! They went on vacation last week and he dealt with and processed things which she has never seen. He is interacting with his sister, going with the flow so to speak in so many scenarios.

When we spoke last week, about when I turned on the metronome on my phone and asked him to perform a task and he held his head and couldn’t handle it before. But now, we are also doing L hand/R foot and vice-versa, both toes with vision, etc. I am constantly changing things up and he is totally fine with it. His results have been incredible. I am very thankful for your input and expertise and the resources IM provides.

I’m moving him down to 2x a week and will incorporate more cognitive tasks (autism spectrum; high functioning). I just wanted to share this with you and thought it would make your day too!”

Maria Hartman, Occupational Therapist, IM Provider

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