By Interactive Metronome, Bricole Reincke - March 8, 2013

Our March Provider of the Month: Tom Burkard from IMprove Japan

Name: Tom Burkard

Facility: IMprove – Japan – Okinawa Center

Population Served:  Mostly children and adults diagnosed with ADD/ADHD, however, I also see Asperger’s, autistic and stroke victims.

How did you get Involved with IM? In 2004 I was introduced to IM through a friend because of our 11 year old son’s ADHD.  I travelled from Japan to Hawaii with my son for both of us to take the training and to get in some good surfing.  After returning to Japan following almost 3 weeks of IM training, I noticed a significant improvement in my son’s reading ability.  I was SO impressed with our results and knew that IM was not available in Japan.  My wife and I immediately became certified and began providing IM services out of our home.

About your Business:  We started off training about 10 clients which steadily began to increase to up to 40 – 50 plus clients a year.  More and more clients throughout Japan who initially went through in-clinic IM training in the past are choosing IM-Home as a follow-up option even a year or two after their initial training!

Training Methods: Using both the traditional and IM-Homeapproaches, we offer a variety of training options, ranging from in-house one-on-one training, guided self training, to partial or complete virtual training.

Selection of IM Patients:  I used to provide free initial LFAs and consultations but found that many of those coming in for a free assessment were not seriously considering the training.  I currently charge $100 for an initial consultation which includes a LFA to help weed out those who are not serious candidates. I also explain to parents that the child must want to change and want to take the training and encourage them to go onto my website to see some of my IM success stories.

IM-Home Incorporation and Use:Once IM-Home 2.0 came out we immediately began using it for those adults who needed the flexibility to train on their own without having to come into our training center. Shortly after, we began using IM-Home with children whose parents felt we could successfully guide them through the training experience.  At present, I have about 20 IM-Homeclients in addition to those who take one-on-one training.

IM Success Story:  One of our early success stories came from an ADHD high school student who dropped out of a Japanese private school due to the difficulties he was experiencing.  Although he was academicallychallenged, he was highly gifted in the areas of athletics and music.  His IM performance was nothing but amazing, scoring about 280 bursts while performing 2000 reps of both hands.  Following his training, not only did he return to school, but spent the remaining years of high school studying in an overseas boarding school where all of his subjects were taught in English. His grades went from F’s to B’s, and his mother told us that it was as if he were a new person following his IM training.

Tips for other IM Providers:  I highly recommend you seek out a more experienced provider who can help mentor you in the IM processes.  There is more than meets the eye with IM, and having someone to help coach you will make all the difference in becoming a more effective IM provider.  I personnally put myself through an annual IM-Home tune up when I feel I need it.  Each time, I am more than refreshed and renewed in my daily performance.

Anything Else?:  I continue to be amazed at the difference IM training makes in individuals of all ages.  Their success stories are powerful testimonies of the effectiveness of IM.  It’s such a joy and blessing to be able to help others in such a way, making a difference in how they will live out the rest of their lives.

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