By Interactive Metronome, Bricole Reincke - February 7, 2013

Our February Provider of the Month: Lisa Poe from A Focused Brain

Name: Lisa Poe
Facility: A Focused Brain
Years with IM: Provider since 2009. IM Instructor since 2010
Location: Ridgeland, Mississippi
Population Served:  Pediatrics and adults ranging from 4 years to 70+
Type of Professional: Occupational Therapist
About Me:  Before starting my own practice in 2011, I worked for Methodist Rehab Center in Jackson, MS. After 18 years working for an Adult Rehab Center, I decided to expand my therapeutic skills and start treating pediatrics.
Marketing Methods:  About 75% of my clients come from a resource ad in a Parents and Kid’s magazine –which is placed in every child’s backpack in the school systems all over the state. I also utilize social media and my own website. In addition, I attend children-focused conferences and utilize IM’s Business Development toolkit.
IM-Home use:  I use IM with 100% of my clients who I treat in my clinic!  Since I started IM-Home, I have worked with 20 clients who were either local, national, and even international!
Potential Barriers to Entry for IM-Home:  Patients and families want to make sure it works.  I, therefore, offer a free consultation and allow them to complete a Short Form Assessment. We then discuss which of my treatment programs best fits their needs and their budget. (1) I offer individualized treatment sessions 3X/week for 5 weeks. At the completion of their program, I recommend the IM Home for continued maintenance of their progress. (2) If the potential client’s schedule is busy due to after school activities, they have the option to purchase the IM Home Unit. They will come to me for individualized treatment for 1X/week for 5 weeks in conjunction with performing IM Home 4X/week.
How I charge: For my OT clientele, I bill through insurance for my clinic visits, using my customary OT charges.  For IM-Home, I treat as an IM Provider and I charge $75 for an initial assessment and $75 for each treatment session, for a total of $1200 for the assessment and 15 treatment sessions.  I offer a 5% discount for advance payment for the complete program. In addition, I offer a $25 discount per treatment session for an additional family member.
Average time spent with IM-Home clients:  I spend 10 -15 minutes to review a client’s training report and another 15 – 30 minutes on the phone or via Skype per week.  In addition to IM’s standard 13 exercises, I usually will customize additional exercises to meet my client’s interest and/or specific needs. I video tape myself performing the customized exercise and send it to my client via email. I utilize Skype during my consultation calls so that it is more personable and engaging to my client.
Recent IM-Home success story: Tim is a 13 year-old-boy who was struggling in school and had difficulty completing his homework. His mom’s goal was to have him improve his focus and attention in school and take him off his ADHD medications.  After 5 weeks of IM-Home, and with his doctor’s approval, Tim is now off medication and doing much better in school.  His demeanor has changed, he is working harder at school and doing his best work. He is also motivated to practice more for tennis!
Favorite Thing about IM-Home: The flexibility and ease of use!  I love the templates offered and ability to design a treatment program tailored to my clients needs.
Words of Advice:  Stick with what you believe in.  Be very creative with IM.  Learn and KNOW what your clients needs are and what motivates them. Implement it into their program.
Develop a reward chart based on the number of burst during each treatment session. Prizes can be as simple as a sticker to as elaborate as movie passes. This is a great motivator for all ages.
Provide constant positive verbal feedback.  Send a weekly progress survey for the client’s teacher to complete.  This allows the Teachers and Parents to see their child’s positive progress.
Parents need encouragement and positive reinforcement as well.  I encourage them to watch for the “little things” which leads to more significant changes.


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