By Interactive Metronome, Bricole Reincke - December 5, 2011

Men more prone to ADHD than Women? Think again!

Men more prone to ADHD than Women? Think again!

While more boys than girls are treated for ADHD, a new report shows that among adults the numbers have flipped, this suggests that a great number of girls are growing up untreated and only during adulthood they finally get treated. According to Dr. L. Adler, director of the Psychiatry and Neurology adult ADHD program at New York University School of Medicine, boys tend to exhibit the “H” for hyperactivity in ADHD more often than girls, so they get diagnosed earlier. Girls on the other hand grow up exhibiting laziness or lack of motivation in school, but by adulthood the attention deficit component of ADHD becomes more prominent and they tend to struggle with jobs, paying bills, and managing daily tasks.

Parenthood often leads these women to get diagnosed. “Many times for a parent, what will bring them in to be diagnosed is they have a child who’s been diagnosed,” says Adler.

This problem of missing the diagnosis during childhood creates a situation very difficult for adults that grow up with ADHD, and although more and more women are seeking help for the disorder there still a large group out there still not being treated.

Article by Rita Rubin, MSNBC News


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