By Interactive Metronome, Bricole Reincke - September 2, 2014

Meet September’s Provider of the Month: Dillen Hartley

Name: Dillen Hartley

Type of Professional: Occupational Therapist

Years using IM: 11

Facility Name: Advanced Therapy Solutions

Location: Spartanburg and Greenville, SC

Population Served: We have two clinics that serve adult clients and two clinics that serve pediatric clients.

What made you look into IM? When I first looked into IM back in 2003, I was looking for a tool that set my new outpatient therapy practice apart from my competition and was looking for a brain based therapy tool that may also benefit me with my history of ADHD, dyslexia and reading challenges.

Tell us about your business (patients served, size of practice, services offered, how often you use IM and IM-Home in daily practice): I have used IM in both my adult and pediatric clinics, although we use IM much more in our pediatric clinics where we have 5 IM units that are used almost every day with clients. I have 11 clients that do IM-Home as well.

My two adult clinics focus mainly on post-surgical orthopedics, pain management and workers compensation.

My pediatric clinics focus on the treatment of clients from birth to 18 years. We see clients in two outpatient facilities, in the home and in schools. We see clients with a wide range of challenges, specializing in Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder, genetic conditions, Feeding Therapy and learning disorders.

…and IM-Home incorporation: We use both the in clinic and home model, as well as the Im at home only model.  Our clients choose the IM-Home program mostly because of the challenges getting into the clinic 3x/wk. We have a nominal fee for maintaining the IM-Home program for clients and offer monitoring for the IM at no cost if the client attends therapy at least once a week.

What is your favorite thing about Interactive Metronome®? And IM-Home? My favorite thing about using IM is that it makes sense and has an effect on almost every person I use it with. I love the way I can use IM to supplement my assessments and the effect of facilitating neuroplasticity and developmental acceleration has on my outcomes. I love the flexibility in treatment delivery and my ability to facilitate almost any neurological pattern or pathway using IM.

What other modalities do you use in your practice that you like to combine with IM? I like to combine the use of Integrated Listening Systems, yoga, Brain Gym, Balavisix, Reading Therapy, Sensory Integration, almost any technique at my disposal is incorporated into my IM training.         

What marketing methods have you found successful, what ones have failed: We have tried many different forms of marketing, the least effective was an ad in the local parent magazine. The most effective tool, was education and community talks about subjects such as ADHD, Autism etc. Word of mouth is easily my most effective tool in building my practice.

Tips for other IM Providers: IM is an amazing tool, but starting out do IM on yourself first. Get an idea of how it affects you before you use it on others. Have your IM equipment accessible so that you can use it without too much work. The more you use IM the better you get at best practices and adapting it to your clients. Do some of the webinars to build your understanding of the IM effect and read the research so that you can develop an effective language of how IM works, so that you can educate your clients on it.

Anything else: I have been using IM for a long time and have trained and mentored many people over the years. My advice is to have a clear understanding of how IM works, be creative and simplify your approach. Become really good at matching your clients abilities and then adapting IM to address both your clients strengths and weaknesses and you will be successful. Use IM as part of a comprehensive plan to help your clients, both children and adults realize their potential.



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