By Interactive Metronome, Bricole Reincke - July 18, 2013

Meet Kate Ortman from Brain Training of Maryland, our July Provider of the Month!

Name: Kate Ortman
Type of Professional: ADD Life Coach
Years Using IM: 3
Facility Name: Brain Training of Maryland, LLC
Location: Ellicott City, MD
Population Served: All ages
What made you look into IM? While my son Daniel was recovering from brain surgery, I took time off from my work as a Life Coach to explore and become certified in IM as a way to help him. His progress inspired me to take on clients in my home, and soon I had to rent office space. A year later I moved to larger offices across town in order to expand my practice.
Tell us about your business (patients served, size of practice, services offered, how often you use IM and IM-Home in daily practice): My clients have ranged in age from four to 77 and come with diverse needs. I have many students who struggle with attention and learning difficulties. I work with athletes looking for better performance, rehab patients, and even professionals trying to more comfortably juggle work and family.
I offer both IM and Integrated Listening Systems (iLs), and weave in life coaching as a way to bring to life the skill improvements they are experiencing. I’ve expanded the staff to include IM trainers Margaret Mackie and my son Daniel (now three years removed from surgery!) so that we could begin a summer intensive brain camp at BToM.
Most of my clients do a combination of IM Pro and IM-Home. I tell my adults “It’s like going to the gym. While all your workouts are important, when you’re in the office, I’m a personal trainer for your brain.” I like the model of working as a personal trainer once or twice a week, with a slightly lighter brain workout on the IM-Home between office sessions. As they move through their training they see me less and use IM-Home more.
What do you like most about IM? The results! The changes I see in the daily lives of my clients inspires me to grow this business… to help more people… to improve more lives! It’s amazing to see lower scores translate into improvements in their daily life.
What do you like most about IM-Home? It gives clients the opportunity to get the repetitions needed to see the results they want.
What are your thoughts about the IM Universe (Pro 9.0 & IM-Home 3.0)? It is so much easier to get clients excited about their training. Clearly, they are more engaged with visuals that interest them, rather than simple green, yellow and red blocks. It is easier to encourage people to push beyond their comfort zone when they see the monkey get the bananas or the golf ball on the green.
How have your clients reacted to the new software? They love it! We’ve seen a significant increase in compliance with the IM-Home. Getting low scores takes work. In the office I can get them excited about their improvements, but I had a harder time getting them to see those same scores at home. The new IM-Home 3.0 is so much more engaging that clients work harder at home and improve quicker.
What suggestions do you have for future worlds? Additional sports backgrounds would be helpful, such as hockey, lacrosse and football (a pass could be caught, dropped, or blocked/intercepted!), plus interactivity with baseball, rather than just a baseball background.
Do you incorporate Best Practices with your IM training? If so, please share some of your favorites with us. (Note a “Best Practice” is using IM beyond the standard 14 exercises) I usually start with hand on hand (like pat-a-cake) with new clients. I tell them I have worked hard to get my scores low, and that if I can transfer my timing to them in the beginning, they might learn the program quicker and move faster toward their goal. I have a magnetic wall in my office, and do a variety of activities on it. I worked with a youngster who was engrossed with Sponge Bob. I made magnets of the show’s characters, and did activities on the wall to help keep him engaged. I do a lot of cognitive challenges and use mouth, finger and other triggers to create unique, client-specific challenges.
How do your clients learn about you? Generally by word of mouth or via the IM web site. My office is in a professional building, and I now have people stop by to see what we’re all about. Others have done their own research and find me via the IM website.
What marketing methods have you found successful, what ones have failed? Direct advertising at schools has brought in new clients. Educating other professionals (Psychiatrists, physical therapists, etc.) about how I can help their clients has also worked. Giving free sessions or evaluations has not been effective for BToM.
What tips do you have for other IM Providers? Keep up your own training and take advantage of the webinars. The more you know, the more you can help others.
Anything else? Stay excited. We are changing lives!

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