By Interactive Metronome, Bricole Reincke - July 7, 2014

Meet July’s Provider of the Month: Mary Jones

Provider of the Month Questionnaire


Name: Mary Jones

Type of Professional: OT

Years using IM: 10

Facility Name: Sensational Kids, LLC

Location: Bradenton, FL

Population Served: Primarily pediatrics, but I am also geared up to see neuro-related adult clients.

What made you look into IM? Originally, I completed an IMC self study at the request of a rehab manager … I know, one of those ‘sent to be done’ Providers! From there, I applied IM services within a private school and saw students accomplish so many gains in such a relatively short period of time that I was hooked on learning more about its application. When I moved into the private sector, IM was one of the primary tools I selected for my program interventions.

Tell us about your business (patients served, size of practice, services offered, how often you use IM and IM-Home in daily practice): I specialize in neuro-development and the brain across multiple populations. Services within my practice include sensory integration, integrated listening, neuro-developmental facilitation, brain gym, neuronet, emWave stress relief technology, Stresseraser, Brain HQ, astronaut training, reflex integration and performance advantage. Over the course of 25 years as a therapist you tend to pick up quite a few tricks of the trade, but I have to say that for as many tools that I have available to me, Interactive Metronome® training is a staple within my repertoire. This makes sense when you consider the functional implications that timing has within our neural mechanisms. As a consequence, IM training lends itself as a critical tool, either in its own right or when blended with other treatment techniques.

…IM-Home incorporation and use: As a busy professional I would often find myself frustrated at the work involved in setting up personalized home programs for clients followed by limited feedback and assurance of their efficacy. The eClinic in the IM-Home program checks all the boxes when it’s time to validate my investment of time and expertise, and that of my clients. I use IM-Home as a tool to supplement direct services, to extend therapy following discharge and also to provide intensive training during the summer months. Services are structured at an individual care level and clients sign up for a minimum of six months training and supervision following initial set up.

What is your favorite thing about Interactive Metronome? And IM-Home (if used)? I think it has to be its flexibility. I love the fact that I can use it as an assessment tool, a screening tool, a training tool, a supplemental tool with other therapies AND that it can be modified to meet just about any situation I throw at it! I will literally have days when I surprise myself!

What other modalities do you use in your practice that you like to combine with IM? Pretty much any modalities or treatment practices that require timing as a core foundation for processing and success. There will of course be times when I am not actively using the IM system, but the element of rhythm and timing are reinforced through counting, pacing, movement and a great deal of singing!

What marketing methods have you found successful, which ones have failed? I think word-of-mouth is always key, particularly in the private market. Following that, I use a small website platform, Facebook, LinkedIn, e-mails and flyers. In the past, I have splashed out on more formal advertising in a local glossy family magazine; however, I concluded that my financial outlay was not supported in results.

Tip for other IM Providers: Never stop thinking outside of the box! Keep exploring new ways to adapt and bring IM to your client groups in fun, engaging and innovative ways! No two IM clients will ever be the same … and neither should your programs!

Anything else: Keep up with the latest in IM research and interventions through the IM website and through training and webinars offered – there are so many now! Also keep tabs on the latest in Timing Research and Brain Science (it is so fascinating!). Look through the IM Facebook, Dr. Kevin McGrew’s work and through current literature.


Mary just finished up presenting the materials for our new Pediatric Coaching Program and she works with New Brain Technologies (UK) Ltd.


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