By Interactive Metronome, Bricole Reincke - May 20, 2014

May’s Provider of the Month: Mary Schlesinger

Name: Mary Schlesinger

Type of Professional: Educator

Years using IM: 9 (since 2005)

Facility Name: Timing 4 Life, LLC

Location:  Fairfax, VA (Washington DC suburbs)

Population Served:   All cognitive/neurological challenges

What made you look into IM?  A friend’sfather had great results using IM for Parkinson’s.  

Tell us about your business:  

I do not work in a hospital or rehab center; rather, I have my own business in Northern Virginia. When things get too busy I have another IM provider who comes in to assist. 

My youngest client was under 2 years of age (Sensory Processing Disorder) and my oldest client was a senior recovering from a stroke. I have worked with Asperger’s, autism, Parkinson’s and PTSD clients. I also work with high achievers and seniors who want to stay sharp, but well over half of my clients are school aged children with ADHD symptoms. The parents of many of these kids want to use medications only as a last resort and they find IM by researching non-prescription alternatives to ADHD. Others are not opposed to the use of prescription medications but are simply not satisfied with the results. IM can help whether or not they currently use medication or have a diagnosis. 

…and IM-Home incorporation (if used):

 I believe in working hands-on/eyes-on with a trained IM Provider but I do recognize that IM-Home is necessary for some clients because of distance or ongoing need. If IM-Home is necessary, it is important to work with the student and parent before launching them.

What is your favorite thing about Interactive Metronome?

IM is so flexible that it can be made to work for anyone. My advanced IM clients may be striking a moving target, answering math questions or using multiple sensors, while some new IM clients may require hand-over-hand assistance in order to jump start the progress; then, we may move to shared exercises. For example, we may do right hand/left toe and I may control the right hand while they control the left toe. With an impulsive client, we may do a two-part exercise where the client claps his hands and then slaps mine. He cannot slap my hands until I put my hands up, which forces him to slow down and match my speed.

As a Provider, I make adjustments throughout the session based on the result of the previous exercise. IM is both an art and a science. The age/ability of the client and the variety of circumstances is what makes it interesting. The best part of using IM is seeing a person’s self-esteem return and seeing their surprise when they reach a goal they thought was not possible to achieve.

What other modalities do you use in your practice that you like to combine with IM?

IM is the only therapy I use, but I sometimes suggest a particular supplement for those clients who may have heavy metal or mercury toxicity or those with conditions marked by low levels of glutathione (Parkinson’s, autism, etc.). This has helped move things along significantly. 

How would you improve IM?

I am satisfied with IM. Last year, I started using IM Universe which combines traditional IM with games. I believe it is important to be able to work through a long exercise without it having to be entertaining (i.e. traditional IM), but it is also nice to keep the kids engaged with the fun selection of games. Some kids do not want to leave when the hour is over! 

What marketing methods have you found successful:

Clients find me through advertisements, the IM website directory, word of mouth and my own website www.timing4life.com. I also am involved with physicians who recognize the value of IM training and send their patients to me.

Tip for other IM Providers:  

For best results, become a student of your client. Learn what motivates them, read their body language, watch for fatigue and adjust the settings to keep them challenged. Do not emphasize scores until a client has gained some confidence. Find that place where they have some level of success. Raise the bar gradually, set achievable goals and watch them develop into confident individuals.

Anything else:

In my experience, clients may see results at different times, but impulse control (self regulation), focus, concentration and initiative seem to come to almost all IM clients.


For questions and comments, Mary Schlesinger has generously agreed to be contacted by phone at (703) 934-4785, or by email at metronome1@verizon.net.







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