By Interactive Metronome, Bricole Reincke - May 1, 2015

May’s Provider of the Month: Dr. Robyn Rakov, O.D. FCOVD

Name: Dr. Robyn Rakov, O.D., F.C.O.V.D.

Type of Professional: Behavioral Optometrist

Years using IM: 15

Facility Name: Vision Development Center

Location: Laguna Hills, CA

Population(s) Served: All ages, from 5-90. As an Optometrist, I deal with a lot of visual processing, processing speed and neuro-rehabilitation (stroke, head injury, etc.). However, we also deal with other problems caused by vision, like learning disabilities, developmental disorders and ADHD.

What made you look into IM? Years and years ago, a mother brought in a unit to my facility for me to work with her child. The idea of IM training aligned naturally with many Optometrists’ use of metronomes, especially with motor tasks. After reading some of the information, I was a bit skeptical, but I am happy I gave it a try and I have never looked back. I was one of first Providers in my area, one of the earliest in the US actually.

Tell us about your business (patients served, size of practice, services offered, how often you use IM and IM-Home in daily practice): We like to use IM regularly, I just love what it has done for my clients. We do a lot of Neuro-Optometric rehabilitation therapy and vision therapy, which means we use a lot of treatment modalities designed to optimize the visual-motor, visual-perceptual and visual information processing dysfunction in our clients. IM training has been an excellent addition to my toolbox and we like to use it as a stand-alone program and in combination with other modalities.

What is your favorite thing about Interactive Metronome®? I really appreciate how quickly clients show improvement with IM. Not only that, many clients find that they improve in areas that were not expected. Seeing the change in a person with such non-invasive, non-medicated options is amazing.

What other modalities do you use in your practice that you like to combine with IM? We use a variety of vision therapy tools, including eye tracking, reading tests, lenses, hands-on exercises, etc.

What marketing methods have you found successful, what ones have failed: Word of mouth is big. I find that a lot of parents want a non-drug option. We also have a lot of facilities that work on biofeedback and neurofeedback in the area, so that type of therapy is frequently advertised to the public. IM has a lot of that feedback, but seems to go a step further because it works at the source to improve so many conditions. I would say that about 30% have heard of IM before we begin therapy, but many of them are eager to spread the word about their success to friends and family.

Tips for other IM Providers: Try IM training with any patient because it works. I tell colleagues that this single program has done more for me than anything I have added to my practice.

Anything else: I just love IM, and what it has done for many of the people we work with. There is always a little bit of extra improvement that clients seem to appreciate as much as the original deficit we intended to work on, especially with sports performance. A lot of children are really motivated by the improvement outside of school, and parents are always happy to see that their children have improved in all aspects.



Dr. Rakov has served the Southern California area for more than 20 years as a behavioral optometrist, university lecturer and consultant. She is currently specializing in vision development as well as visual performance, with an emphasis on prevention, education and parent involvement. To contact her, please email visiondevelopmentcenter@hotmail.com.



Do you know an incredible IM Provider? Or, are you one of our awesome Providers? We are always looking to spotlight members of our network as our Provider of the Month. To inquire about being Provider of the Month, or to nominate an IM Provider for their amazing service, please contact us at marketing@interactivemetronome.com.


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