By Interactive Metronome, Bricole Reincke - December 5, 2011

Major League Success with APD


Major League Success with APD

Major league Lacrosse’s Most Valuable player from 2011, Paul Rabil, has a condition called auditory processing disorder or APD. Like many others with a learning disability, Paul doesn’t consider his condition a “disability”. He treats APD as a driver for determination and success.

The most common learning problem is Dyslexia, which affects many school age children and also a great number of adults. Although APD not as widely diagnosed as Dyslexia, APD affects many children and often goes misdiagnosed for ADHD. People with APD can hear, but their brains do not properly process some sounds. Early and accurate detection and treatment is the key to helping people learning to live with a learning disability. Rabil and many other accomplished individuals are fighting the battle for a younger generation. They want to save children the frustration they endured and give them greater confidence for future achievements.

Article by Valerie Strauss, The Washington Post



Like Paul Rabil and many other advocates for learning impairments, Interactive Metronome® is committed to providing opportunities to those that need support in accomplishing their goals. IM therapy has been proven to improve attention, concentration, memory and thought process, by using rhythm and timing exercises. Join the IM-Home revolution and achieve your dreams.

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