By Interactive Metronome - September 11, 2015

Iman improves 100% with IM

Iman lives at home with his mother and father, as well as an older brother. Iman is six years-old and is enrolled in elementary school. Based on caregiver and teacher reports, Iman frequently exhibits hyperactive behaviors and a short attention span, which have an adverse effect on his ability to function in both his daily life and the academic classroom. Iman currently takes medication to help manage these behaviors. Iman’s mother described Iman’s strengths as drawing and being creative.

Iman’s IM scores showed incredible improvement over the course of training. He was slowly able to attend at longer intervals, and he was staying seated and focused on training by the end of his sessions. Iman’s scores were as follows:

Task Milliseconds
  Pre Post
Both Hands 168 24
Right Hand 251 30
Left Hand 304 40
Both Toes 322 42
Right Toe 295 30
Left Toe 189 28
Both Heels 369 41
Right Heel 429 31
Left Heel 245 28
R Hand/L Toe 266 41
L Hand/R Toe 204 33
Balance Right Foot 158 32
Balance Left Foot 365 34
Both Hands w/guide sounds 300 26
Total 276.1 32.9
During Iman’s IM training, his parents were given parent surveys before and after his IM program. The parent survey asked parents to rate child’s behavior on daily function tasks and communication tasks. The parents rated an improvement in 13 out of the 16 opinion statements after the completion of the IM training!
Iman’s parents and his classroom teacher reported that he was unable to attend and focus when we first met for IM training. He had been sent to the administrative offices at his school and was struggling with the social/compliance demands of kindergarten. Post IM training, Iman’s parents report that “his grades improved 100%.” Teachers also noted a significant improvement in behavior, academics and social skills.


We are thrilled to be part of Iman’s training plan, and it is exciting to see him succeed in school and daily life today! What are you waiting for? Be our next success story. Visitwww.interactivemetronome.comtoday or call (954) 385-4660.

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