By Interactive Metronome - December 12, 2011

This is one of our most AMAZING success stories involving a TBI patient

This is one of our most AMAZING success stories involving a TBI patient

Kelly Buggle suffered a TBI from a car accident when she was a senior in high school. Her injuries included upper body trauma, fracture of both arms, broken vertebrates, cracked ribs, and the list went on. Because Kelly had so many physical injuries her TBI went unnoticed at first. Once Kelly recovered physically he family and friends started to notice that she couldn’t identify simple objects like a “microwave.” Prior to the accident Kelly was at the top of her math class and afterwards she couldn’t even do simple addition.  In addition she couldn’t comprehend what others were saying to her and felt hopeless.

Kelly’s SLP suggested she try Interactive Metronome therapy. Her family figured it was a long-shot, but at this point anything was worth a try. At the end of her IM treatment Kelly had made a full recovery. She graduated high school and began community college and made straight As for the first time in her life. Kelly is now attending Florida State University pursuing a medical degree to become a neurosurgeon. 

In the words of Kelly Buggle “this program is not any program is the program that changed my life…it made me better than I was before my accident”

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