By Dr. Kevin McGrew - September 14, 2012

I Think…Therefore IM (or…IM…therefore I think—better!): Preview of Dr. Kevin McGrew’s (aka, the Time Doc2) IM Conference Presentation

In a couple of weeks I will be the keynote speaker at the annual Interactive Metronome Professional Conference in San Antonio, TX.  I will speak for approximately 1.5 hours and have much to share.  At this time I thought I would give a small preview (aka, a “tease”) of some of the content I will be presenting.  I have recorded a very brief video (6.5 minutes) where I explain some of the key concepts I will be describing (and expanding on) during my presentation.  I hope you enjoy.  This is a self-made video with an iPhone (on a tripod pointed at my computer as I go thru PowerPoint slides)—so be gentle.




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