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Fumio stays cool, calm and collect with IM training

Fumio stays cool, calm and collected with IM training


Fumio continually forgot his things at home and school, was easily distracted and he was taking hours to finish simple school assignments. Additionally, he perpetually forgot promises he made, repeatedly used foul language, and had verbal and physical tics. Sadly, these symptoms grew more pronounced day by day.

His mother was told that it was a psychological issue and not to upset him. Struggling with feelings of inadequacy as a parent, his mother visited three different hospitals trying to find answers to Fumio’s problems. Finally, Fumio was diagnosed with Tourette syndrome and ADHD.

Although his mother was resistant to the idea of putting him on medication, she knew that something had to be done. She discovered IM when she was looking for ways to treat Fumio without prescription medication, and Fumio began training within a few weeks of receiving the diagnosis.

In his early training sessions, Fumio displayed numerous physical tics, jerking his arms and contorting his face, as well as verbal tics, sounding like a bird chirping. His physical tics were so dramatic that on one occasion he flung off his IM headphones when jerking his head. During session 3, he had 28 verbal tics within the one hour session. Though he displayed more tics on some days than on others, by the end of the 15 sessions, he was displaying very few to no verbal tics at all during his training sessions.

After completing the training, Fumio’s changes were not very noticeable. He would sometimes complete his homework quickly, but he had done so at times even before doing the IM training, so his mother didn’t give it much thought.

His mother began setting simple goals such as getting out of bed by seven in the morning, completing homework assignments before dinner, not complaining about taking meds, and so on. As rewards for completing each task, Fumio would receive points that he could cash in for something he wanted once a certain number of points was reached.

There were 10 tasks they set as goals. Fumio would also receive points for completing his daily homework handouts. The aim was to reach 500 points. As he had not been showing much motivation in his daily activities before this, his mother expected it to take Fumio at least one month to reach his 500 point target.

However, when this new goal setting was implemented, Fumio completed his 10 tasks and homework hand out in record time! At first, his mother thought it might just have been a good day for Fumio, but over the next few days, he continued to reach his daily goals in record time. It was then that she remembered being told by Fumio’s IM provider that changes often come suddenly some weeks or months after completing the IM training.

Day after day, Fumio continued to complete his tasks and gain points without even being told. His mother could hardly believe things were going so well and smoothly for him. Where in the past, he would have to be told to do things over and over again, now he was taking the initiative himself.

His teacher reported that his handwriting had improved dramatically, and before they realized it, there were no signs of his verbal or physical tics. He was also now able to manage his time as a 12 year-old aught to be able to. This wonderful condition lasted one month, and in three weeks, Fumio gained enough points and received his video game software.

However, after a few more weeks, slight signs of tics were beginning to manifest once again. At first, the tics were only slight, but these steadily increased so that his verbal tics were once again very noticeable.

At home, these verbal tics were very pronounced and sounded much like a bird chirping. Fumio’s doctors had said that he could expect the tics to come and go. Unfortunately, Fumio continued to struggle with the tics. His concentration also seemed to be dropping. Even though Fumio’s symptoms were very apparent once again, Fumio and his parents were hopeful in obtaining new breakthroughs, and decided to put in some more time with the IM training.

Fumio’s condition prior to beginning his extended IM training included his dealing with verbal tics, involuntary arm and head jerking, a lower ability to concentrate and a newly acquired habit of saying, “ready – go!” repeatedly, as well as his perpetually complaining about things.

Many of his improvements were still holding up, however, and things seemed to be going well at school, as he was controlling his verbal tics to a “cough” level. He was getting along well with classmates and friends. He was able to perform tasks in the classroom for which he was responsible, and he was finishing up his last few months of elementary school.

There were no noticeable changes after completing his third 15 session training course, but one month later, his mother noticed some changes.

His verbal tics and habit of saying, “ready – go!” were gone, but replaced with a habit of giving a deep sigh. Fumio was no longer jerking his arms or head. Instead, these larger movements had been reduced to a less noticeable rapid blinking or rolling of the eyes. Fumio’s parents believe that even though there have not been major changes, the mere fact that he has not been manifesting involuntary tics during his stressful transition from elementary school to junior high school can only be attributed to the IM training.

It means a lot to Fumio to be able to spend his days in the same way as many of his friends at school. It has been a long journey along the IM trail for Fumio and his parents, but they are thankful for what IM has done for Fumio’s quality of life.

It has been a long process for Fumio, and he has been a pretty good sport throughout the whole process. During his last training course, however, he was obviously getting tired of all of this IM, but kind of saw it as a necessary evil for overcoming his challenges with Tourette and ADHD. Fumio’s parents plan to have him continue his training on a needs basis with the IM-Home in the near future.


Woodcock Johnson Pre & Post Test Scores



Pre-IM (grade levels)

Post-IM (grade levels)

Math Fluency


11.2 (+0.9)

Reading Fluency


 4.3 (+1.4)

Processing Speed


 9.7 (+1.8)

Visual Matching


 9.3 (+ 2.8)

Decision Speed


10.7 (+ 1.1)


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