By Interactive Metronome, Bricole Reincke - June 28, 2019

Finally! Data with Suggested Minimum for Dosage IM (It’s not as much as you think!)

We often get asked, how long does it take to start seeing results with Interactive Metronome? The short answer is—it depends. It depends on age, diagnosis, deficits being treated and many other factors, bottom line, gains with IM vary from person to person. What we can tell you is where to start with training your clients by providing you a suggested minimum dosage for IM.

Based upon statistical analysis of over 6,000 Interactive Metronome (IM) training files, the majority of participants achieved substantially improved millisecond timing scores within 12 sessions. They continued to make small incremental gains beyond the initial 12 sessions which may be clinically significant; however, the majority of improvement in millisecond timing occurred within the first 12 sessions. Further analysis of the training data revealed that the ideal number of repetitions for each IM session is 1,450 for a total of 16,000 repetitions by the 12th training session.

Because this data only takes into account millisecond timing performance, the above information should be considered a minimum dosage. It does not take into account individual needs, nor does this analysis include behavioral outcome measures. Published IM research & white papers have demonstrated statistically significant clinical outcomes with anywhere from 12 – 18 IM training sessions of 45-60 minutes in duration with a range of 16,000 – 50,000+ total repetitions.

eClinic training templates were purposely created with published research dosages & outcomes in mind, and include additional training sessions over and above the minimum dosage in order to meet the needs of those clients with the most severe deficits in timing and rhythm. IM providers are encouraged to modify the training templates, including the number of training sessions/repetitions as needed, to meet the needs of each individual for most efficient & effective IM training.

We’d love to hear your client stories about their gains and your training plans. Learn how to submit your story or simply comment below.

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