Featured in the News: New approach to ADHD has promising results

A new system for treating ADHD symptoms and other types of learning challenges isn't only drug free-- but brings new meaning to the term 'timing is everything.'

It's not the latest video game to hit big. This is 25 year old Malachi Wristen participating in a classic session with the Interactive Metronome treatment.

Let’s get Grandma on Facebook!

 For older adults looking to sharpen their mental abilities, it might be time to log on to Facebook.

Preliminary research findings from the University of Arizona suggest that men and women older than 65 who learn to use Facebook could see a boost in cognitive function.  

Our Professional Conference was a HUGE Success…Thanks to You!

We want to say thank you to everyone that attended this year's IM Professional Conference. We had a great turn out and received RAVE reviews. This truly couldn't have been done without your support, so like we said in the opening remarks, give yourself a pat on the back and a round of applause! 

Featured in the News: Boys & Girls Clubs good for kids, local economy, study says

By Hannah Guzik 

Special to The Star 

Posted August 23, 2012 at 4:05 p.m.


A seven-year study of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Oxnard and Port Hueneme shows the after-school program has improved the academic and personal outlook for the hundreds of children taking part, many of whom are at risk.
The California Lutheran University study, released Wednesday, was designed to quantify the impact the program has in the region as the club searches for money to implement new programs for low-income students.
According to the study's author, Jamshid Damooei, chairman of the economics, finance and accounting department at CLU, every $1 invested in Ventura County youths has a return of $12 for the community.

Featured in the News: Game-Like Therapy Helps Kids with ADHD Without Drugs

By Daisy Lin and Bruce Hensel |  Thursday, Aug 23, 2012  

A Camarillo-based organization is using Interactive Metronome to help improve brain timing.

Children as young as 4 years old are being allowed to take drugs for ADHD and other behavioral problems. But some parents, like the Solomons, were desperate to find a drug-free alternative for their son, Adam. They turned to a new drug-free way to treat ADHD that uses a game-like therapy called Interactive Metronome. Dr. Bruce Hensel reports for the NBC4 News at 5 p.m. on Aug. 23, 2012.

Featured in the News: Interactive Metronome Therapy Helps Amputees Learn to Walk Again

When Fred Davis lost both of his legs to infection --he thought his walking days were over.Then he was introduced to a therapy that combines movement and timing to help the brain redevelop motor skills. It’s called Interactive Metronome. For six months, Mederi Caretender therapist Tameka Walker has been helping Davis relearn to walk. "Left hand, right toe, left hand, right toe. Got it?” she instructs. To the chime of a cowbell, Davis steps one foot forward on a mat – and then pulls it back. Then, it’s the other foot, always sticking to the beat. If his rhythm is off, he hears an unpleasant buzz. Davis suffers from diabetes. In 2005 -- he injured his toe. The untreated injury led to gangrene and an eventual amputation. In February of this year, another injury led to the loss of his right leg.


Check out the Time Docs Blog post on the Aurora Shooting as it relates to a victim who suffered a brain injury

Check out the Time Docs Blog post on the Aurora Shooting as it relates to a victim who suffered a brain injury

Aurora shooting victim benefits from music in brain injury recovery

Yet another interesting video reporting on the use of the rhythmic aspects of music in brain injury recovery...similar to the Gabby Giffords story.  Additional clinical evidence of the importance oftemporal processing in the brain.


View Video- http://www.brainclock.net/2012/08/aurora-shooting-victim-benefits-from.html

Featured in the News: Interactive Metronome therapy brings Bradenton woman relief from migraines

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